YouTube RSS feed 2015 update

YouTube RSS feed 2015 update

If you are using RSS feeds to syndicate your YouTube channel and have not yet updated it, it more than likely that your videos are no longer syndicating. YouTube changed the URLs for their RSS feed in April 2015.

Just the other day I went to check my YouTube channel RSS after posting a new video and found this instead of my video that I just posted.


Youtube old rss 1

On a different YouTube RSS I found this


Youtube old rss 2Turns out that YouTube changed their RSS feed structure in April 2015 so any YouTube RSS URL you were previously using for your channel is no longer valid

To see more about this on YouTube help files click here

What is your new YouTube RSS feed

Here is your YouTube RSS URL new format (after April 2015):

1) Using your USERNAME

2) Using your ChannelID (*)

(*) If you do not have a vanity URL (option1) you will need to use your channel ID. To find your channel ID go to the home page of your YouTube channel and copy the long string of characters showing up at the end of your channel’s home page.

Why use YouTube RSS feed?

If you read all the way down to here and are not sure what a YouTube RSS feed is or can be used for, then this section is for you.

An RSS feed is a basically a list of all your posts. It is designed to be read by other online services. Many sites offer RSS feeds such YouTue, WordPress blogs and others. Every time you add content is will show up in your RSS feed.

YouTube RSS feed can be used to automatically syndicate your videos to multiple social media sites with a single click of a button. In other words as soon as you post your video the syndication service will automatically post links back to your video many social networks giving your increased exposure and helping you promote your message as well rank your video higher on Youtube.

Some examples of social syndication sites that I personal use with my YouTube RSS feed are OnlyWire and TribePRO

These services continuously check your RSS feed for new content and as soon as they find it they will post a link back to your content accompanied by an excerpt on multiple social media sites. This link will help you increase rankings and will bring you more traffic as the exposure offered by many social sites if vast.


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